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This is a teensy, tiny review of a game for the Gameboy Color in The Legend of Zelda series.

Personal log, 4th of March, 2017:
I​ just finished Link’s Awakening minutes ago, for the first time. So this opinion might still be a little hot out of the oven.

What stands out most to me, apart from the obvious (and charming) quirkiness, is how hard this game was. Maybe not so much for its enemies, but for the near constant puzzle of navigation. Such a density of discrete zones, many of them rigidly barred off from their neighbours, and only connected by a tangled circuit of byways… Moving through Koholint is no carefree jaunt. Unlike the other Zelda games I’ve given myself to, I seldom felt as though I was romping across this map – more like I was carefully tracing my fingers along the arcane markings in a sorceror’s book.
(A sorceror named Tezuka, perhaps?)

The other thing that stands out to me is the ending. I’m almost reeling from it. I don’t understand why it’s beautiful and I don’t even want to try – it just is. ▪